APSCo Asia holds regular face-to-face and virtual events in order to provide expert content and opportunities for peer-to-peer engagement.

Our Member Meetings cover key topics affecting the recruitment sector in the South East Asia region. These include presentations from experts to keep you up to date with legislation, compliance economic overviews and recruitment trends as well as panel discussions with end clients and APSCo members.

Upcoming 2024 APSCo Asia Webinars

We are finalising our varied programme of 2024 virtual and face-to-face events, which aim to educate, inform, and inspire our members.

Upcoming Highlights:

  • Hiring Trends: Explore the evolving landscape of talent acquisition and discover strategies for building high-performing teams.
  • Technology/AI: Dive into the technological innovations shaping industries, discover how AI is revolutionising the way we work and how to leverage AI in your business.
  • Economic Updates: two economic updates covering Singapore, ASEAN, APAC, and the major global staffing markets.
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance): Learn about the evolving demands from clients on their supply chain in terms of sustainability and responsible business practices.
  • COMPASS Legislation: Stay informed about the latest regulations and how to navigate them successfully.
  • Leveraging LinkedIn: Delivered by LinkedIn exclusively for APSCo members, a series of online seminars to ensure you maximise ROI.
  • Business Development: Gain insights into effective business development strategies and training tips to propel your organisation forward.
  • Attracting and Retaining Talent: Discover proven methods for attracting top talent and creating a workplace that fosters retention and growth.
  • Face-to-Face Events, Including International Women’s Day: Learn about our exciting plans for in-person events, including a special celebration for International Women’s Day.
  • Executive Dining: For senior directors of our members, we are holding a networking dinner in Singapore during Q2.