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The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) is a leading source of research and insight on the professional recruitment sector in Asia. Its data and analysis are widely used by recruitment firms, Government, employer organisations and economists to help identify and assess the trends in professional talent that are critical to Asia's broader economic success.

All APSCo research is free to members and designed to add real business value.

Bullhorn GRID survey

Bullhorn is pleased to share the priorities, challenges, and outlook of more than 4,000 global recruitment industry professionals representing a broad range of regions, perspectives, and industries served through the 2022 Global Recruitment Insights & Data (GRID) Trends Report. 

Toolkit: Resources to Grow Your Staffing Firm from the Ground Up

Find a variety of resources that cover different topics relevant to growing staffing firms. Read through them all or pick one that speaks to you. Come back at any time to revisit these resources! 

The Workplace Learning Report

The transformation of learning and development (L&D) means learning leaders are knocking down traditional silos to collaborate on a more holistic vision for HR. They’re reaching for fresh solutions to tie skill building to career paths, internal mobility, and retention, while also bringing a new sense of care and humanity to employee well-being, diversity, and inclusion. Tackling the new responsibilities of a transforming role is an enormous challenge but LinkedIn report is here to help. 

Global Talent Trends by LinkedIn

Based on conversations with two dozen talent leaders from around the world and proprietary LinkedIn data, Global Talent Trends 2022 explores how flexible work, employee well-being, and the Great Reshuffle are changing company culture. 

How recruiters can make The Great Resignation work 

Have any of your co-workers left their roles for new job opportunities recently? They aren’t alone. People around the world are bidding goodbye to their companies in droves, with still more to come, and people are dubbing this ‘The Great Resignation’. What can recruiters do to attract and secure some of these top talents for their clients?

Remaining competitive in a post-COVID world 

How can organisations set themselves up to thrive in a post-COVID world? You can find are some tips to help you leverage on the benefits of this business new era and ensure success for yourself and your organisation.

Choosing the right Contractor Management Organisation for you 

With companies expanding their reach rapidly and venturing into new markets, many are searching for efficient ways to handle the exponential increase in demand for specialised talent and a diversified workforce. However, with so many CMOs and EORs in the market, how do you choose the right organisation to support you? There are some key factors for consideration to help you to find the one that fits you best.

Why leveraging a contractor workforce can increase efficiency for agencies and end-clients  

In this new era of digitalisation, workforce models and hiring strategies are constantly evolving to increase efficiency in the professional workforce, which is the powerhouse of any business and backbone of the global economy. In this article, find out why leveraging a contingent workforce is one of the ways companies are retaining a competitive edge. 

Financial Services and Markets Bill 2022 on Technology Risk Management

With significant transformations in the financial sector in recent years, The FSM Bill 2022 aims to enhance MAS’ ability to effectively manage the risks and challenges that impact financial institutions (FI). 

Is Your Organisation Resilient Against IT Risks?

There is an increased number of IT incidents worldwide. It is, therefore, essential for organisations to review their IT processes critically, identify IT risks, and manage them appropriately to avoid negative impact on their businesses. 

Part 1: Building Your Overseas Investment Structure

Singapore continues to shine as a trading platform and many investors looking to expand into Southeast Asia are increasingly choosing Singapore as their ideal location to setup holding companies. This article explores the fundamental aspects of investing in Singapore and the key elements that go into setting up your global supply chain. 

The Search for Technology Talents

Operating a business in today’s digital age requires a fundamental shift in the way of doing things. Many organisations are starting to leverage technology to digitally transform their business processes for enhanced operational efficiency. However, there are a few key challenges that have to be addressed when competing for technology talents.