06 Apr 2023
by APSCo United Kingdom

10 reasons to invest in management training with APSCo

Three of the top five factors which drive people to pursue new jobs reflect their desire to grow and learn new skills. If you want to retain and attract the best talent then the CMI Level 3 Fast Track Leadership Programme is a must for your business.

  1. The skills to succeed: According to the LinkedIn, Workplace Learning Report for 2023, management is the number one skill most companies need.
  2. People who are not learning will leave: In the same report, three of the top five factors which drive people to pursue new jobs reflect their desire to grow and learn new skills.
  3. Deliver for your organisation: By the end of the APSCo programme, delegates will have the tools and knowledge to ensure their team delivers on its goals and aims. 
  4. People focused: With people being the heart of your business, this qualification also puts them front and centre and includes key skills such as how to train, embed training, nurture and support new talent from day one.
  5. Internationally recognised: APSCo's Fast Track Leadership Programme is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) - one of the foremost and internationally recognised accrediting bodies backed by a unique Royal Charter.
  6. Finite pool of talent: As team leaders and managers are typically taken from experienced, competent billers there is only a finite number of individuals to choose from. Therefore, investing in their growth will always pay dividends.
  7. Empower your team with expert training: APSCo’s Fast Track Leadership Programme has been developed specifically for the professional recruitment market and is delivered by highly experienced trainers, many of whom have come from the sector. 
  8. Formal qualification: Setting your business apart with recognised qualifications, this programme provides your employees with the tools, skills and ability to succeed in the fast-paced recruitment profession.
  9. A fantastic experience for new starters: Your most significant relationship at work is with your direct line manager. Consequently, as you are growing, ensuring all line managers are given the tools and training to succeed had a direct impact on new hires.
  10. Diversity and Inclusion at every level: Men are 40% more likely than women to be promoted into management roles. By providing the right training and support you will be building knowledge, skills and confidence for all individuals to step up into a management position.

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