15 Sep 2023
by APSCo United Kingdom

Strengthening Bonds: UK's New Strategic Partnership with Singapore

In a significant move aimed at boosting economic growth and enhancing shared security, the United Kingdom has solidified a new strategic partnership with Singapore. The partnership, signed on 9 September 2023, represents a landmark agreement between the two countries and reflects a shared commitment to harnessing technology and innovation to create jobs and foster economic prosperity.

This is a particularly exciting partnership for the APSCo Global community. Its focus mirrors the sectors in which our members excel, cutting-edge technologies including AI and cyber, technological innovation to support the path to net zero and research and development in life sciences.  Our members support businesses across Europe and Asia to find the highly-skilled, technical experts needed to support their growth.  Given APSCo Global’s unique global footprint, developed to support our members’ international operations, we are well placed to advise government and business on how to maximise the opportunities this strategic partnership delivers.

In this article, APSCo has laid out some of the immense benefits of the agreement.

A Milestone in UK-Singapore Relations

This agreement is not only a testament to the strengthening of UK-Singapore relations but also marks the UK's first treaty since leaving the European Union, underscoring its commitment to forging new global alliances.

Bilateral Investment Treaty

One of the pivotal aspects of this strategic partnership is the commitment to conclude a new and modern bilateral investment treaty. This treaty is a significant step forward, as it will provide Singaporean companies with increased confidence to invest in the UK, and vice versa. This mutual investment will not only foster economic growth but also create job opportunities in both nations.

Economic Impact and Trade Relations

The UK's economy is set to receive a substantial boost from this partnership. Singapore, one of the UK's closest and most dynamic partners in Southeast Asia, accounts for a remarkable 40% of the UK's total trade with the region, amounting to £21 billion. Additionally, Singaporean entities have invested £226 billion in the UK. Last year, the UK and Singapore signed a Digital Economy Agreement, paving the way for businesses in both countries to seize new trade opportunities.


Technology and Clean Energy Focus

This strategic partnership also highlights the shared interests and expertise of the UK and Singapore in cutting-edge technologies such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI). Both nations are committed to leveraging these technological advancements to spur economic growth and job creation.


Expanding Beyond Economic Cooperation

The UK-Singapore Strategic Partnership isn't solely about economic cooperation. It extends to encompass security cooperation, science and technology innovation, and research and development. This includes collaborative efforts to counter new and emerging threats, particularly in the realm of cybersecurity.

One notable development is the formation of a groundbreaking partnership between Singapore's new Digital and Intelligence Service and the UK, aimed at addressing cyber threats—an innovative approach that underscores the forward-looking nature of this agreement.


A Global Approach to Economic Growth

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating that it will propel the UK towards delivering its priorities while navigating the future of the world economy alongside its closest partners.

This strategic partnership with Singapore aligns with the UK's broader strategy of using global relationships to advance its national priorities. It joins a list of agreements with countries such as France, Japan, and the United States, demonstrating the UK's commitment to strengthening ties and fostering collaboration on a global scale.

As this partnership continues to evolve, there are hopes that it will encourage UK recruitment firms to expand their operations in Singapore and vice versa, further enhancing economic integration and cooperation between these two dynamic nations. APSCo is here to help your business expand into international markets. We offer a range of services from trade delegations to market data, plus legal and compliance helpdesks.


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